Driving and Normal Operation

Shift gears so as to keep the engine speed (rpm) high at all times. Remember that it is the vacuum created by the pistons that provides the force which moves the gas from the gasifier unit into the engine.

Refill the hopper with wood (as shown in Fig. 3-4) before it is completely empty, but avoid refilling just before the end of engine operation. Periodically shake down the ashes from the grate. If your system is equipped with a gas cooler, drain water from the cooler from time to time.

Under operation in dry weather, the gasifier can be operated without the lid on the fuel hopper. However, when the gasifier unit is shut down the hopper must be covered to prevent air from continuing to burn the wood in the hopper. Under wet-weather operation, the cover must be placed on the fuel hopper, and then lifted up and rotated about 2 in. until the triangular pieces line up with the holes in the support bars. The tension of the screen door sprints will then hold the lid closed. See Fig. 3-5 for clarification.

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