Biomass Gasifier Maintenance

Periodically check all nuts on the gasifier unit, the fuel hopper, the filter unit, and the carburetor for snugness; check all penetrations and fittings for airtightness. In addition, perform the following maintenance activities as scheduled:

Open the ash cleanout port of the gasifier housing drum and remove the ashes after shaking the grate for at least thirty seconds. Replace the cover of the port after coating the threads with high-temperature silicone to ensure airtightness. Open the drain tube at the bottom of the filter container and allow any liquid condensate to drain out; remember to close the drain tube when finished.

WEEKLY MAINTENANCE (or every 15 hours of operation)
Clean out the gasifier housing drum, the fuel hopper, and the filter. Rinse out the piping and connections to and from the filter. Replace the wood chips inside the filter, (The used wood chips fiom the filter can be dumped into the fuel hopper and burned to produce wood gas.) Use high-temperature silicone on all pipe connections and on the filter lid to ensure airtightness.

BIWEEKLY MAINTENANCE (or every 30 hours of operation)
Make sure that all pipe connections are secure and airtight. Check and tighten all mounting connections to the vehicle chassis. Check for rust on the outside of the gas generator housing drum, especially on the lower region. Coat with high-temperature protective paint as necessary.

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